ID plants (pics included)

duscarterMay 16, 2010

New house in Myrtle Beach and have several plants growing. I would like to know what they are so I can research how to best care for them. This is new to me and this site is wonderful.

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1- Canna, can take full sun
2- Hosta, likes part shade and moist soil
3- xanthosoma Elephant ear, The more moisture you give it the larger it will get. Feed with a fertilizer high in nitrogen.
4- Maybe oleander

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Hosta 200 is right on with all the plants.
The last pic of the hughe Oleander, I just wanted you to know that they are one of the most poisonous plants known to man.
If you have children or pets, or will have visitors with children or pets that will be near that bush, get rid of it.
All parts of the plant are deadly.
Cannas are gorgeous! They love sun and water and are easy to grow.
Good Luck with your new home and congrats!!!!

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Dear butterfly4u,
We Southerners have lived peacefully and tranquilly with oleanders for generations. What responsible parents need to do is instruct their children not to eat the horticulture. How many untimely demises can you think of that are due to ingesting _Nerium oleander_? It's an incredibly beautiful plant that is so widely used in landscaping that advising its removal is certainly impractical.

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Oleander is very commonly planted in the Myrtle Beach area. I'm not sure I've ever stayed anywhere on vacation there that didn't have oleander in the landscape.

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Duscarter can do what he/she likes with the oleander, the important thing is that butterfly4u let him/her know that it is poisonous. I think it's pretty important information for a newbie gardener. Just my two cents!!

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Thanks for the replies. I need to move the Canna's. They get very little sun where they are at. Will probably keep the Oleander, if I can make it more bushy. Read another thread on here about cutting it back.

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