Euphorbia enterophora

mfyssJuly 26, 2013

Hope that this is the name for this plant but will welcome help with the name. Yale

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This is my first knowing this species. Learn new things everyday. Checked online, yes it looks like it. Hopefully more responses posted soon.

Happy gardening.

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proper name is E xylophylloides... enterophora is old name. Looks like that plant only it looks severely dehydrated.

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I should have explained that this plant was watered daily for a month or so, but remained branchless. It was then watered every 10 days for a few months, with no change. It is now on a mist bench, and is growing vigorously.

I haven't been able to find when E. xylophylloides came to replace the name used with my photo. Susan Carter (2002), in Dicotyledons (IHSP), was unsure if E. x. was a Euphorbia. It is clear that both names have been applied to this plant.

In any case, many thanks senjanevada, for your comments. Yale

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