Hibiscus, hydrangea, azalea

jjs1971May 3, 2010

Hi...I'm very very new to gardening since we just purchased our first home. I am a work in progress. A couple of weeks ago I planted two hydrangeas, one hibiscus, and one encore azalea. The hydrangeas seem to be doing ok. One is blooming and the other isn't wilting or showing signs of dying so that is good. The azalea only had a few blooms when I purchased it. There are no blooms now but again, the leaves still feel fine and it doesn't show signs of dying. The hibiscus seemed to do well at first but now seems to be struggling. It is still blooming but the leaves seem wilted so I'm worried it won't make it. I'm trying to water daily by hand since we are on an odd/even schedule here. Does anyone have any suggestions to promote growth of my hydrangeas and azalea and hopefully save my hibiscus. Thank you all in advance! I think I'm going to be learning alot here.

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You aren't saying about where you are located, I am assuming you are zone 8 since you have an 8 after your sign on name, and you aren't stating the sun exposures for your new plants.
Where I live it is a true zone 8, I am down by Augusta, GA in South Carolina. We have sand, then a little loam, then red clay. Lucky me.
Is the hibiscus you are talking about a tropical hibiscus?
If it is, (dark shiny leaves), it will die in the fall. They are tropical.
Hibiscus is sun, lots of water and fertilizer, loves Miracle grow and hates wet feet, good drainage.
Hydrangea is half day morning sun, good drainage.
Azalea is full sun.
Mulch, Mulch, Mulch and then mulch again.
You can grow anything you want almost, as long as you mulch.
Good Luck with your new home.
I'm sure your pretty plants will make it feel even more homey and they will do fine for you.
Any questions you have, come here and ask.

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Thank you for the response. We live in Raeford outside of Fort Bragg. For the sounds of it, our soil is very similar. My hydrangeas are in a good spot on the side of the house...morning sun and good drainage. My azalea and hibiscus are full sun. I took a closer look at my hibiscus. The leaves feel fine..they are not dry..and they are not turning brown. There are new buds that weren't there when I planted it so I must be doing something right. I need to put Miracle Grow on the list though. Do I need use anything different for the azalea or will the same Miracle grow I use on the hibiscus be ok?

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They actually sell a seperate fertilizer just for acid loving plants and you can use that on azela, gardenia, rhodedendrums and any acid loving plant.
I would use it half strength on the azela, not the normal strength on the package. Just put a little bit in a watering can.
If you don't want to buy 2 Miracle grow fertilizers, you can use regular MG for everything.
Hibiscus loves it on its leaves too. They are heavy feeders.
This is very important. You can kill a plant faster by overwatering than you can by underwatering.
Without a good rain, water your plants outside planted in the soil once a week til the temps outide reach 90.
Then, 2 x a week without a good heavy rain.
If it rains, that counts as a watering.
If the hibiscus leaves start to turn yellow, you are giving it too much water.
****All potted plants do not go by this schedule.
They are potted, and do not have the advantage of being kept cool and moist in the soil. You have to test them with your fingers to see if they are dry before you water potted plants. Then you water them when they need it.****
Plants are really easy to take care of, and after awhile, you will get excited when we get a good rain. LOL.
I grow roses in this soil. Boy are they a PITA.
But I love them so much, you really have to love them to grow hybrid tees in the sand hills! LOL
Good Luck!

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