Moving a weakly rooted clematis

melaroma(6)March 22, 2012

Hi all,

I bought a Jackmanii Clematis two years ago that looked dead-ish in its pot but being that I got it for really cheap I planted it anyways. The first year it didn't grow much and only gave me 3 or 4 blooms (back then I didn't know about planting it 4" deep). The following Year I moved it from it's temporary spot to a "permanent spot", and at that time the dirt around the root ball crumbled as I tried to carefully transplant it. I still didn't know about the 4" rule. This Spring I want to plant a Nelly Moser in the Spot of the Jackmanii as I need a blooming plant there in the Spring as everything else in that spot is summer or fall flowering. I want to move the Jackmanii to a (seriously, I promise) permanent spot in the back yard. My question is wether the poor thing would survive another transplant and if there are any precausions I should take. I really don't want to loose the poor guy. Thanks!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

It should be fine. I have moved clematis that have fallen apart into multiple stems with a small root system and have planted them. Water the ground before digging so the ground is moist but not soaking and take as much soil as possible to help prevent the soil from falling away from the root. It will take several years to get to good blooming size again. It is like starting over with a new plant so be sure to cut it back hard and make sure to keep it watered and pinched.

If the root system is very small some people like to pot the clematis in a gal container and let it grow for a year to develop a better root system before putting it in a permanent location. The important thing is to be sure to give it the attention needed.

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Thanks, when you say keep it pinched, how often would I have to do that?

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

If you put "pinching back clematis" in the search box at the bottom of the clematis forum page you will find several postings about pinching.

Also when planting remember to plant at a 45 degree angle and to add bonemeal. You can find more info by searching planting clematis.

A link with photos:

I couldn't get the link to work with preview so you will have to copy and paste.

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