Unknown Citrus Budding

Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9bFebruary 20, 2014

We purchased some really neglected property last year, and cleared out a ton of weeds, vines, and think we finally have the irrigation figured out.

We took one dying orange tree (no clue what kind) out of a big pot and planted it next to a large vine covered surprise lemon (no clue what kind). The lemon blossomed in June, when it was freed from the vines, and had gazillions of very small (1"), good tasting, but seedy lemons. It is now blossoming at the correct time, and I'm sure it will produce great lemons. The orange did nothing but grow last year, and now it has blooms.

Next to the Bearss Lime was a mystery tree. Shorter, like 4' tall, and citrus, but no fruit. We fertilized and watered it, and it now has blooms. I tasted a leaf. It's not a lemon or a lime. Let the fun begin! I don't think it's a grapefruit either. Would anyone plant two oranges of the same variety? Fingers crossed it's a blood orange!

Once the fruit appears, I'll take photos for ID. It's just fun living in this place with so many cool discoveries!


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Photos, photos, photos... the whole tree, an individual leaf, a bud photo.... Give us a chance to help you.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

OK! Tomorrow I'll take photos of all of them. Let the fun begin, but we'll start with this one next to the Bearss (tag on, so we knew).

That Bearss is so prolific! The buds on the mystery citrus have not opened, so the photos will only show buds.

The little tree got a serious infestation of leaf miners, but we hit it with Bayer Merit today. Stay tuned. Photos to follow!


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