Australian Finger Lime.

zecowsayFebruary 2, 2013

Has anyone tried growing this as a container tree? I'm just getting back into citrus after losing all but one of my trees to a freak summer freeze last year, and I read that this is an understory tree and should be able to take shade better than other citrus. My lighting inside isn't ideal so this would be a good thing if true. Does anyone have success with overwintering this inside?

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I'd love to find one! They're pretty new. Have you been growing it? I found some finger limes at a specialty store, but they were in a plastic package, $5.00 or so per pound, and they were all totally black and rotted. So much for my idea of growing them from seed.

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I do, or have one anyway, at the house at least. I attached a picture of my water table with T5 grow light, the Aussie is in the back. It is new and adjusting to the new environment but showing no signs of stress. Watering it very little because of smaller root base and it's really wet at the bottom. Only watered 1 time in 2 weeks until it acclimates.

My lighting system really sent the Imp. Meyer Lemon into overdrive but I am experiencing a few issues of my own and will be posting concerning that. I am excited about the Aussie but we shall see how it goes. Cool forum and glad I found some fellow Citrus-Steves.

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