Might this be a Clivia?

roseseekJanuary 2, 2013

A good friend gifted me this plant, but was unsure what it is. The thing is healthy and looks like a Clivia with extremely wide leaves to me, but I can't find anything on line to identify it. Might anyone please be able to provide a name for it so I can learn more about it? Thanks! Kim

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It does look similar, but I think not. What do the roots look like? Clivia grow on a pseudo bulb as opposed to having roots per se. Healthy ones look like a mass of light colored earthworms.

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A friend advised that it could be an orchid in need of TLC.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I agree. It looks like a phalaenopsis. The potting mix looks like it might be spent orchid bark. You might want to repot it in fresh bark.

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Thank you! Unfortunately, the person who gave it to me doesn't 'speak plant'. He is a gifted animal breeder and can keep pretty much any plant alive. He just isn't tuned into them enough to remember much about them. Here are a few photos taken a little while ago. Hopefully, they'll help answer some questions about it. The thing appears to be bulbous to me. The foliage isn't striated underneath, nor variegated on their surfaces. There is a sort of embossed texture to the upper surfaces, but not heavily. I was originally concerned it might be a phalaenopsis, which would be impossible to maintain in this house. Fortunately, it's in potting soil with real roots, so that isn't an issue. Thanks! Kim

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Absolutely not a phalaenopsis. I grow them; they are different. What comes to my mind is some sort of Haemanthus. Not the Heamanthus coccineus, though.

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logan33(z6 OH)

It looks much like my Haemanthus albiflos. That's my guess.


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I agree c H. albiflo.

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Just chiming in to say that this thread is fabulous, so interesting. Off to learn more about haemanthus albiflos.

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