why brown spots on leaves

gracie_08January 24, 2008

Hello; I'm new at this clivia (mineata) is Orange and have had it about 4 mo. cool and not much water (monthly) when I rec'd this plant it had brown dry spots on leaves, it is healthy otherwise .......wonder what I can do to eliminate these dry brown spots on leaves. thanks and thinking of Spring here in Iowa, has been very cold and snowy.

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Hi Gracie,

It depends on where the brown spots are located. Also, are they on new leaves or old leaves? Brown spots are caused by sun exposure, damage, mealy bugs, fungus, watering issues and who knows whatever else. If the new leaves look great, even down into the crown, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If it is ugly and on an outer leaf, you might want to pull the leaf (assuming a larger plant). A better description would be great. Have a great weekend.

Sacramento, CA

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thanks for the thoughts about the brown spots on my clivia, I rec'd it from someone else so I don't know the issue with the spots but wondered if it was from fertilizer spilled on the leaf or possible sun exposure........now three new leaves are emerging and look good so won't be concerned as like you say just take them off. I'm so anxious to see if it will bloom for me and love to learn about these new plants I receive from friends. Love the challenge. I also read that they are a relative to the amaryllis ....which I have plenty of those bulbs and enjoy the challenge of getting them to bloom...which I have some blooming now. red and white.
Thanks for the response Craig......enjoy the gardening world.

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Hi Gracie,

Clivia and Amaryllis are in the same family, but obviously different genera. Many similar qualities, but Clivias are much more primitive in that they don't develop a bulb. Amaryllises have come so far in the past few years. The availability of very nice Clivias has increased recently, but most are 3-4 figures per plant. Good luck with all your plants.

Sacramento, CA

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I purchased a male and female kiwi plant this year. Both have brown dots on the leaves.

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