Repotting Clivia

annie1971January 4, 2009

I need to re-pot my Clivia and I'm not sure what type of potting soil is best for it (it's an indoor plant). The current soil seems too loose for it because the plant wants to fall to one side but I tend to keep it on the dry side. Any suggestions?

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Hi Annie,

Just about any mix will do. If you ask 10 Clivia growers what they use, you will probably get 20 answers. Most seem to use a mix with a fair amount of peat with some perlite. I've seen them growing in almost pure sand. More importantly, if you water frequently, you need a mix that drains quickly. If you water infrequently, then you want a mix that holds a bit of water, but not so much that it leads to rot. You can let the soil completely dry between waterings if you desire. Clivias hold a lot of water in their roots to survive these dry times. If the plant is leaning to one side, you might need to stake it or compact gently some more soil on the looser side. The roots might also be asymmetric, especially if this is a recent offset.

Hopefully this helps.

Take care,

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Craig , great advice...
Also your right about the soil suggestions. I know some that grow theirs in plane ole sand, yet some in coco peat, in compost, old leaf mold, in just spagnum peat long thread, and some in potting soil. Yet what they all have in common is that all mediums are well draining, not allowing the roots to stay wet for too long.
Thanks for your helpful advice all over this forum. I have learned a lot from you...Therefore in return I have over 30 healthy clivia...:-)
Thanks craig for all your advice and e-mail over the past year!
Keep healthy and happy!

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