Clivia question

teisa(6)January 7, 2013

Hi folks! I hope someone can offer help with my newly acquired Clivia. My mother in law has had one for more than 30 years. She's 83 and didn't even know what it was. She gave me a pup off hers. Her pot has about 4 plants together in a really big pot. I simply fell in love last year when I saw it blooming.

After I identified it by picture and have read alot about their care, I decided to repot mine in a mixture of orchid bark, perlite, and soil. (very similar to my hoyas) I discovered some of the roots were dying on my plant. It appeared some had root rot!! So I broke off the dead roots, and repotted in more loose soil. My question is should I still refrain from watering or go ahead and water a little to try to get my plant to survive?? Thanks for any help!!

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I'd let the roots dry and seal for a few days and then resume watering. If it happens again, you could dust the wounds with sulfur to prevent further rot.

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Thanks so much! I did not know about sulfur. I will read more up on it! But hopefully this doesn't happen again!! I've put it in much better fast draining soil! Thanks again for the info!

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