Can someone ID this flower?

LMA84May 23, 2013


I moved to upstate South Carolina last July and am still finding new surprises growing on my property. Just noticed these flowers blooming today. Can anyone ID them for me?

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This is the plant. It rained pretty hard last night. I am not sure if that is why the flower is drooping down the way it is.

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This is what the buds look like.

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There are two common types of peony, one is the garden peony and one is the tree peony (crazy name, it is not a tree). This one is the garden peony. It looks like mine which is Peony 'Sarah Burnhardt'.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

There's rain aplenty in that blossom. That's why it is hungover. Shake it out gently and weave it back to be supported by the other foliage or just cut in for the vase.
This droopy bloom after rain is a common tendency for many heavy blossomed flowers like peonies and fancy roses.
With the peonies, there is a cage with a slot top you can put in next year before the foliage starts growing. The mesh/slot top needs to be almost as high as that blossom
is. The buds will grow up through and be supported by the mesh/slots.

Don't be alarmed to see ants crawling all over the unopened buds..there's some symbiosis going on that is

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Thank you all so much!

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