Hello folks. Just a couple of my winter indoor citrus! Pic

meyermike_1micha(5)February 7, 2012

These are my Navel Orange and 'Rosa' growing like crazy and once again starting to bloom side by side.

I hope I can carry them home in the spring.

The flowers staring to pop out on my Navel. I just picked 8 very juicy oranges on them and shared them with my friends:-)

How are your containers trees doing for the winter?


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Wow, Mike! VERY nice looking citrus. Are these trees at your place of work? Looks like an office setting. If so, bet your co-workers love having you as their co-worker!

Patty S.

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timsf(CA Z8B/Sunset17)

Beautiful trees, Mike! And some nice flowers and new growths. Mine still look kinda dormant, though some encouraging (though very early) signs of bud break. :-)

Hi Patty. I really, really want to see some pics of your many interesting in- ground trees! I can't recall having seen any previously...

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Mike your trees look very wonderful as expected. It sure is strange to see your winter updates with no snow on the ground


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Mike...just had to drop in to compliment your sweet citrus.....
(love that mother Jade, too). Rosa has such an awesome trunk. Man, I'm glad you rescued that one.


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These are mine. Meyer Lemon on the left and Key Lime on the right. When I got them in May and June they both had flowers and a few fruit. They've been growing taller, but I haven't gotten any more flowers on them since. The glass door faces south and I open the blinds every day and that is a grow light above them.

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Looks like they are doing great. A fantastic job keeping them indoors until the sigh of relief comes with fresh air and warn direct sun outdoors. Watch them fill out this summer if you feed them on a consistant schedule:-)


Thanks! Hope you are feeling better today:-)

Josh, can you believe that someone did not want that tree? What a waste that would of been. I am thrilled and honored to have saved it.
Very observant you are:-) 'Mother Jade' is taking off and changing a whole slew of colors!


Thanks buddy!

You are right. It is strange although I am not sure it is good for all my shrubs and perrenials. The ground gets so bone dry with the winter winds within a day of watering them.


Thank you so very much. Yes, these ones are at my work. They love that spot every winter I tell you. So do I when I sit next to them. It feels like summer in the sun radiating through that window on certain days.
Lol. The co-workers are always debating who can sit at the desk next to them.


Thanks man. I am sure yours will take off now that the sun is beginning to reach its full potential. My plants somehow get triggered every year about the first week of Feb. They know:-)

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Thanks, Mike,

I keep some regular Miracle Grow mixed that I give them about once a week during the summer and about twice a month during winter. I hope that works.

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Andrew Scott

Hey Mike,
Thought I would give you a quick update. So far my Oro Blanco and little Ponderosa are doing quite well. The only issue I have with my Ponderosa is the pot. I think that tree has all ready out grown the pot!

I bought that tree a few months ago..I want to say October. When I got it it was in a pot that was obviously way to small for it. I moved it up 1 pot size, and potted it into the little bit of gritty mix that I had left. It has since gone thru a few growth flushes and also has bloomed but I accidently forget to water when I should, and I lose all that growth. Also, I think when I have to move my other tropicals on that shelf, I may have bumped that little tree, and I lose the growth. I know once spring arrives and it can move outdoors for the summer, it will take off. I just need to repot and it will do great.

The Oro is growing like a champ! I love this tree but next year I will have to invest in another light. Right mow my HPS light has to be high enough so my 6ft tall mango tree is under it. If I don't do that, the mango wont be happy. The distance between the HPS light and the Oro is probobly about 4ft at least.

I am truly excited about my 2 new additions. I checked the Meyer yesterday and the soil was almost dry. So, I figure when I got it the soil was damp, not wet, and it took 3 days to dry from that point. Last night I soaked the rootball just to see how long it would take for it too totally dry out.

I will try to post some pics once I can. No digital camera is really hurting me on these forums!

Did you find my email yet?


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Those are some healthy looking citrus. They really look like they love that spot. I like the way the roots show in that one pot. I think that is the level citrus trees are suppose to be at in pots.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Tmc! Just watched your video on scale.

Mike, can you offer some advice to Tmc2009 on how to treat his scale on a Meyer Lemon effectively?
I can't recall all the details.

Not feeling much better today, unfortunately. Splitting headache, sore neck, and a ripping cough.
Two more days of antibiotics.


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Hey Josh!

Feeling a bit better today? I hope so. I have been worried about you:-)

Tmc, there are a few ways to rid scale once and for good. Some with horticultural oils, others with alchohol, and yet others systemically.

Of course I am an all natural person as much as I can be until there is nothing else that will work.

To treat and rid scale effectively, it would be nice to first identitfy the species. Knowing the type of scale you have can be very effective since there are hundeds of different types.
Is it possible to see a pic since some are not hindered by alchohol or oil treatments.
Some do carry their eggs while others lay their eggs under their protective scale covers.
Is it possible to get a picture, so one of our pest experts like 'Rhizo' can properly identify and we can go from there?

If it is cottony cushion scale, it can be treated effectively with alchohol, this pest usually being the culprit in the past in my case.
Make sure you mist every nook and cranny and repeat application after a couple of days.

Please give us a pic if you could?


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Andrew Scott

Hey Josh,
Sorry to hear that your so sick. That really sucks. I have been pretty fortunate as far as getting sick. My major issue right now is my teeth. I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Can't wait to see that bill!

Hey Mike,
I don't know why I didn't comment on this first but....YOU BETTER FIND SOMEONE TO HELP YOU CARRY THOSE TREES TO YOUR CAR! I know that ankle isn't totally healed, and if you hurt it again, your really going to be miserable!

Still searching for the darn GRAN-I-Grit. Seems really hard to find for me.


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Mike and Andrew!
I'm feeling a little better today. The sore neck and the headache are gone. I'm still covered
in Vick's vaporub, and coughing and secreting mucous like it's going out of style....but I won't
gross you out with the details. I'm going into work tomorrow, so I hope the worst is behind me.
Influenza, with a secondary ear infection. My journey to the Stars.

Alright, back on topic. Mike, here's a video of Tmc's scale infestation:
Scale on Meyer Lemon Tree


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Hey Andrew!

Thanks so much for caring. It is much better now that I swim arobics, sit in a hot tub, and then workout! I feeling nothing on most days and the Doc says I am a miracle! I love teh tone of that:-)

I am so excited to hear your Oro is growing that nice! Mine does nothing for weeks, then all of sudden starts up again. Mine is getting blooms all over.

It sounds like your new aquisitions will be ok>:-)
Don't you just love having a place around that sells citrus!?

I am shocked you have still yet to find granite buddy. That sell that stuff all over my area and you have more chickens and farms than I do. Crazy.

Gotta love the ponderosa trees Andrew..lol

Good to see you buddy! Just as soon as I can sit without my eyes falling a sleep at home, I promise I will e-mail you:-)

Take care good friend.


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Hi, Mike... great color; I would be sooooo happy if my field trees had that color; but unfortunately they do not get the daily TLC to be so. The rainy season should begin in the next 2-3 weeks; and then the war changes from giving them enough water to controlling the weeds and insects. Unfortunately, the tropical climate that encourages such fast growth and high production, also encourages weeds, insects, molds, etc.

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Hey John. Thanks a lot!
I wish I could get my fruit to grow as big as yours! I wish I could visit your place:-)
I can imagine how many bugs just love your climate John. especially them huge flying cochroaches.lol

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Mike, any chance you were able to watch Tmc's video that I posted earlier?


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Hey Josh!

Not only did I NOT get a look at that video, but I MISSED your post all together buddy! I am sorry:-((

Let me take a look and I will check in tonight at home.
How are you feeling lately? Did the antibiotics help?
We will catch up later. I am hoping you are much better today Josh!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks, Mike, I thought maybe you missed it.

Hey, feeling about 5 times better today. The antibiotics helped, and the congestion is diminishing.
In the early morning, I have a coughing fit...but all that junk is loosening up.


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