Banana Tree has babies - how to remove?

mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)May 28, 2007

My banana tree went and had two babies! They are attached to momma plant. Can they be removed and planted ? This tree was purchased at Raleigh flea mkt. last spring and was planted in ground. It was covered with a styro foam cooler after I cut it back in fall/winter. Then it got so warm and that freeze came and it was already about a foot tall and it survived with a sheets and box . Now I'd like to save the babies if I can.It is about 4 to 5 feet or more now. Babies are about 18 inches. Any ideas? Also have regular ee (from wal-m) that have come up, that have been in ground for 3 yrs. Do I just gently dig up the smaller ones and replant?

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Here in FL, our bananas regularly have babies- some seem attached to the main plan, some are on runners. I hacked the entire clump apart pretty harshly, but all the plants survived. I tried to split them so that each got a decent share of roots. Make sure the babies get lots of water after this; bananas like a lot of water anyway. My 'babies' were about 5', which is bigger than I would have liked, but it didn't seem to bother them. Momma was about 15', and had just had a bunch of 'nanners. I get rid of stalks that have borne fruit, as it's a one-shot deal.

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I just cut the babies away from the mom plant and make sure each has a fair share of the root system. As flargoyle says, make sure to water all those babies well and a little fertilizer too. Good luck!

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Are they in the ground or a pot? We generally have had to dig them up completely or take out of the pot to work with. Those babies (mine are all clumping types) are so close to the Moms! If you have a hard time seeing where the best place to cut is, brush as much of the soil away from the area as possible and then try rinsing the area before you start cutting.

Sometimes it's really difficult to get enough root. So,
when I cut babies from the mama I pot them up and keep them in shade for a while just to give them some time to get thru the stress. Easier this way to give them the water they need to get thru it too.

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Take your shovel and push it down between the trunk of the banana tree and the baby, as close to the main tree as possible You will have to put your weight on the shovel for it to cut thru the connection. You will have to go the whole depth of the shovel blade if the main tree is large. After it is cut thru you can pull the baby banana up and replant it or give it to a neighbor. This will not hurt the large tree.

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mad_about_mickey(**7* *N.C.)

It is in the ground. I am reluctant to try and dig it up and kill the whole thing, so guess I'll try the shovel thing. As long as the momma doesn't die I'll be happy. Having babies is a bonus. Thanks for your replies!

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my banana tree this year has about 13 i guess you would call them babys what can i do it does not seem to have the main mom banana please help

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Hi! My banana tree died this winter but had three babies. After reading this forum I removed them from the dead tree stump. Two came off with a portion of the stump and some of their own roots. Woohoo! But the third does not have any of the stump or roots.... Do any of you think it will make it? I have watered all three and I will water with miracle grow plant food this afternoon. Please advise...

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