Odd Flowering Habit

MTBillJanuary 4, 2012

Our Clivia at the office has an odd habit. Each year when it tries to flower the flower stalk does not emerge from the leaves and the blooms are trapped in the tight folds of the center of the leaves. Any suggestions on what will make the flower stalk emerge so the blooms can be seen?

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I believe you have described what's called, a "stuck umbel"...the umbel is the part of the plant that produces the flower buds. From what I have read, these plants need a dry rest period, along with a few months of cooler temperatures, to trigger the response that allows for the elongation of the flower stalk, and then, the opening of the flower buds. What about watering, light, fertilizer/feeding, growing medium. Check all these things.

The cultural needs of the plant are probably not being met, so I would check the growing conditions first. I'm sure your plant will perform to it's potential once you grow it correctly. Maybe the office growing conditions are less than ideal, and the temperatures are too high for the necessary rest period that the plant must have to push up a flowering stalk.

This site, and other Clivia growing sites will give you all the cultural/growing information that you need to get your office plant to bloom.

Hope I helped.


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