Aloe Leaves Breaking

valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)July 5, 2012

Hi there.

Does anyone else have a problem with their Aloe leaves breaking off due to sheer length and weight of the leaf?

I live on the 3rd floor so I know it's not a critter standing on the leaves or anything like that.

Just curious! :)

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What type of aloe? Just a regular aloe vera? If so, i dont have any problems with it, on my maybe 5 years old plant.

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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

Yeah, it's just a regular aloe. Here's a pix of it. I don't have a pix of the broken leaf. This pix was taken before the leaf broke.

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Looks kinda etiolated? Mine is very compact, with the leaves right on top of each other ... maybe the leaves are weak from the etiolation ... do you have an area with more sun? (If so introduce to more light gradually)

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valeriev(z9 Bay Area CA)

I don't have access to more sun, but she is neglected plant (hence the random broken leaves) that I got from a girlfriend who moved across the country, so I inherited it. It was in a 6" pot when I got it. She's gotten HUGE since I took over.

She's produced a couple babies since too. :) (the plant, not my friend) ;)

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Oh sure!

That soil is not helping the the plant's health, Valerie - cut it with at least 50% perlite or pumice (the latter is better, the former will work). I don't think it looks particularly etiolated (many Aloes do fine in bright indirect light)) but if you're giving it all the sun you can, that's all you can do. The plant will be fine, but getting it in more porous soil will have it happier.

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