When to start fertilizing?

marricgardensFebruary 10, 2010

Out of 3 pots I now have about 10. A few of the larger ones have between 10-12 leaves. They were in the porch having their 'rest' and now I'm ready to start fertilizing. The smaller ones have only 2-4 leaves. I was going to give the smaller ones fish fertilizer and the bigger ones get the bloom fertilizer. I don't think they will flower this year but I'm hoping to get some nice flowers next year. Marg

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Wow..I saw the pics, and really nice! Good job.

Are you asking when is it time to start fertilizing? Not sure. Thanks

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Normally, in our area (zones 5/6) we fertilize house plants from March thru Sept/Oct.

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Gail: I was going to start about then but just wasn't to sure.

Mike: I was asking about when to start fertilizing with the bloom fertilizer. Right now I have just watered them in and will let them settle for a while before fertilizing. Once I begin to fertilize, how often should I give it to them? BTW, I read your other post about putting them outside and since you have them in a grit mixture, they drain very well. I have used a mix that has soil in it. Last summer we got a lot of rain and if we get that much rain again, I think they will get to much water. The pines give some shelter but not very much. Marg

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If I may jump in here about ferts. You will want to give them a general all purpose (some say low in N) at about 1/4 strength every time you water = constant feeding. There' alot of theories on which is N-K-P ratio is best, but that's the general recommendation. A month or two before putting the plant into dormancy water with the bloom fert. You agree Mike?

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Hi Gail..

I can tell you that Craig here is the expert with these babies..It is him that gave ne great advice on fertilizing and it has worked wonders for me..He deserves the credit for my success. So here is an insert on an older post that gave me what I needed to make mine happy..

Just something for you to think about..:-)

In Dr.Craigs words...:-)

"As for fertilizer routine, everyone is different. Many people spend lots of money on special fertilizers. I typically use a mix of fish emulsion for an organic (I thought the bottle said odorless!) and the bayer 3 in 1 rose care for systemic treatment of mealies. I know, there goes the organic treatment, but the mealies are nasty and can really damage a Clivia. I do this every 2-3 months from Feb through Oct., then let them go dormant from Nov. through Jan. without water or fertilizer. Many years I will use a bloom rite 0-10-10 instead in Sept/Oct to help induce flowering. I didn't have a chance this year, so we will see what flowers".

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Thanks, Mike.
Yes, I read Craig's input as I think I've read every post on this forum just to get my bearings with these lovely beasts. (I call them beasts because I'm still struggling to get them into prime condition(s).) FWIW - I, too, use the Bayer 3 in 1. If you've ever had the mealies you'd understand. I will now continue as a preventative.

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lol Marie..sorry..I didn't see your thread until after posting mine..same title..Guess I'll read yours..lol..

Mike...odor-less FE isn't as strong-smelling as standard FE. Ironically, I was about to Foliar Spray Gardenias w/FE, then wondered if FE would work on Clivias..but I think FE is high in Nit..isn't it? If so, would this halt budding??? Toni

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Hi Toni! did I ever tell you how happy I am to see you here?

Now to buisness..lol

I spray mine alot with FE and it does nothing to discourage bloom. The N is to low to make any difference..
It does make the leaves greener though, shiney, and discourages any pests, especially mealey bug for attaching themselve to the leaves.. I havn't had a mealy yet or bug on these.

They seem to LOVE FE..


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Mike, yesterday, I got the spray bottle, added FE, and sprayed away..Actually, I sprayed most of my plants in the house..boy, does it smell funky..lol..Thank goodness for potpouree..lol..
We'll see how it goes..I didn't know how much FE to add, so I only added 1/2 cap per 16oz spray bottle..Well see how it goes..
Thanks for the encouragement..Toni

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