Here they are!

marricgardensFebruary 8, 2010

These are my plants after dividing. I have 2 more to do but I ran out of pots - had to make a trip to town on the weekend to get more. The big ones I put in individual pots. There were a few 'pups' and I let them together and put them in their own pot. I noticed that in the pots she used a sand mix around the roots. There was a lot of sand plus a fine grain black grit. Anybody have any idea what that could be? Anyway, here they are. Marg

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Nice job, Marg. I always feel good after potting up or tending my plants and I can tell you do, too. The black grit could be charcoal. What medium did you end up using?

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Hi Gail. Thanks, it did feel good to get it done. I had planned on using the tropical mix I bought a few months ago but when I opened it up, I found it to be heavy so I mixed a bag of it with some Pro mix seeding mix I had on hand. The seeding mix made it very light. If this doesn't work, I did go out and buy some vermiculite. I will mix that with some sand and see how that goes. Maybe I'll try that on the last 2. Marg

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That was one big plant!

I wonder how old your plant is..Looks like you did a beautiful job. Those are some nice looking beauties..


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