Cactus needs an identity

seedmoneyJuly 20, 2014

I got this as a cutting and it has thrived and grown so now I need a name.... Takers? And do you know what kind of flowers I can expect?
Appreciate your insights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cactus needs an identity

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Demia testudo, I think Selenicereus testudo now. Since you cannot plant this outside, don't worry about the flowers. I think that in the 18 years I have been online, I have seen exactly one pic of these kept as a houseplant that bloomed. They get big, and the roots that come out of the sides help it climb your walls.

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Hmmmn...a wall of that would be a sight to see! Thanks, Dzitmoidonc for the id. Think I'll put my dog tail cactus in a hanging pot while he's still a puppy ;-).
regards, seedmoney

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