Sick Haw seedling

angellillyJuly 2, 2014

Is my poor seedling sick?the new leaves started 'banding', darker green colour with thick yellow green it stressed?i have it under lights for 12 hours with temps 26 - 30 o C,in a very porous medium (perlite and sponge rock with some humus)and the roots are healthy and long...(it is a Haworthia pumila x H. coarctata hybrid btw).


i dont want to loose it too,i already lost its mother... :-(

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I don't know how much of a problem that color change is. I do wonder if the light is the problem.

Unlike most succulents, Haworthias are not high light plants. Some folks grow them under benches in greenhouses, others close to the edge of any light source. I happen to have good light & west windows, but most of my Haws are at the edge of the window, its center would be too strong light for them.

Maybe others can weigh in about if others grow Haws under lights. I wouldn't think so.

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Yeah but pirategirl it spent its whole life under lights why does the problem appear now?I would think about the summer temperatures but both its parents were/are summer growers for me,the watering reg stays pretty much the same and the grow light is aprox 10 cm away.Perhaps a repotting???

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Looks fine to me.


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Looks fine to me, too. Maybe it's turning variegated!

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