Clivia off schedule

jesaloreFebruary 10, 2007

I just bought a clivia today because I've always wanted one, and seeing this one for 75% off put me over the top! It has just flowered, and has about a dozen baby seed pods on top. I read a bunch of instructions about how to overwinter clivias, but it's already February and I don't know what to do with it right now. I'd like to help the pods mature, harvest them, then set up my plant to flower again as soon as possible (as a container plant, though I'm willing to put it outside in the summer). Can anyone help give me a time frame?

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I am not an expert on clivias, by any means, but I'll tell you what I do to keep mine blooming. It has bloomed faithfully for me for about ten years. For lack of room, I keep this large plant in my unheated basement during the Winter months, and it most always throws up a bloom stalk about the end of February. This is one drawback, because no one sees it except me. I wish I had room to display this beautiful plant. When warm weather comes, I put it on my covered patio until I bring it back in again in the Fall.

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