How do you start clivia seed?

meyermike_1micha(5)February 4, 2009

I was wondering if anyone knew how to grow clivia from seed. I have some red, ripe seeds that I plucked, and have no idea what to do with them. Thanks so much!

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Hahaha! I'll be watching this thread with you Mike! Hope the experts give us some tips!

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Since Beetle's been around recently, I'm sure you'll be receiving some great instructions.

Enjoy beetle's photograph (though now I realize you know what that would look like with your own!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Clivia seed

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Hi Everyone
I have grown Clivias for almost 15 years and have my way to germinate seeds .Just put them between two layers of napkin and wrap the whole thing with a clear plastic sheet.Open the package every three days to check for germination as well as for loss of humidity of the napkins The seeds will take turn to germinate after a few checks
The seeds should be mature and freshly harvested.Seeds bought from far away should be soaked in luke warm water for 12 consecutive hours before trying to germinate them
Since I use this way I am so successful in my germination
that I run out of room for new plants .If you want some free
seeds including yellow please send me your SASE and tell me the type of clivia you want to have I can only deal with people with address in Canada Take care

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Hi pha52m - I'm interested and I'm in Canada. my email is ejmroz (at)

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Hello pha52m - I would love to start a clivia from seed. Our fellow reader winnjoe got me all interested in the beauty of these plants in another forum. Red is gorgeous, but i'll take whatever you can send me. I'm in Montreal and my email is

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Thanks everyone for all your ideas!

I am going to try the plastic bag one. It sounds fairly easy.

I also read the Clivia Seed page sent from kioni.
Thanks so much. I have some seeds that are about to turn red. I can't wait to try growing them..:-)

I live near Cananda...:-)

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To those who want to receive my seeds please send your SASE to my address as follow:
Huong Pham
2709 41st Ave East
Please take your time as the weather is still too cold for the seeds to be airborn to your home

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peaches20(6 PA)

Dear Huong,

I'm new to this forum. Would you have any seeds left? I'm in the US So if you have an idea on postage please let me know. I also have my seed trade list up if you are interested in anything.



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Hi Huong,

I received my seeds and all are in great shape. I have set them to germinate following your method. I'll keep you posted of my success.
Thanks a lot for your generosity and all the trouble you got advising that the envelope I had sent wasn't appropriate.
I can't wait to have a tiny plant sprounting out of these seeds. My first experience with clivias ever. I know I'm not going to be disappointed because I'll be watching this forum carefully and I will put into pratice the advice you give and that of my fellow GardenWeb clivia enthusiasts. I'll rely on your extensive experience.
Take care!

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Hi Huong
I got my seeds too; thanks very much! Some were sprouting already so that saves me that part!
Consentida, since we're both in Montreal I'll look forward to reading your posts about when you put them out, take them in, etc.

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Hi Joe,

Following Houng's method, I have set all the seeds in moist paper towels and covered inside a plastic bag. . Ever since I got them last Friday I noticed the little roots have grown on those that came sprouting already and new ones have sprouted in the interim, so I figure that any day now I will put them in soil. I have to figure out which soil to use, though. This is my first experience with clivias and I'm treading very carefully. I have read other posts and as craig ( I believe) mentioned, for every 10 growers there are 20 methods, so.... I guess that I will have to determine what to do and take the chance. I don't want to lose any of them under any circumstance ! I'll keep you progressively posted on what I'll do and you please do the same. I need all the help I can get with these babies!.

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Dear Huong,
I'm new to this forum, stumbled upon it. Would you have any seeds left? I'm in the US So if you have an idea on postage please let me know. I absolutely love clivias. Email me

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hello Pha52m,

I did the same way you mentioned for clivia seed germination. My clivia seeds are sprouting well. After that they are getting fungus and dieing. What should I do to save my seeds?


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How are they doing Consentida? All the seeds but 2 sprouted and are now in a light soil. They each have a leaf about just under an inch and seem to have stopped there. I have them on a balcony with an overhang so they do not get rain, but when I go away for 2 weeks I will put them on a balcony exposed to the rain. We sure seem to get enough rain in Montreal!
I'm not sure about how much sunlight to let them have. They are on a north-east balcony shaded somewhat by a tree, so they get scattered sunlight until about noon.

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Hi everybody, all my seeds survived and are thriving. Since I was quite undecided as to what soil to use for them, I went back to Huong for advice. I followed his instructions and put all of the sprouted seeds in a single pot or communal until they get a bit bigger. So far, all have leaves, some taller than others. The biggest being about 2 1/2 ". I keep them indoors in my bay window facing south-west. There, they get lots of light and no sun because the big maple in the yard filters the sun completely in summer. I did not want to put them outside because I have very bad experiences with squirrels. One of my neighbours delights in feeding them waldnuts and they have become a real problem; so, after many heartaches losing young plants to the critters I didn't want to take any chances.
I'm really playing by ear with the seedlings, I have no experience with clivias whatsoever, so I observe them very closely.
Joe, I believe that even if your plants get some sun in the morning, they should be Ok so long as it doesn't get too hot behind a glass or something like that. The seedlings being so tender are more prone to burn.
As far as letting them outside in the balcony when you go away... see if you can find another alternative. It might be hard for you to believe that there can be dry spells in Montreal judging by the month of June and July that we are having so far, but they do occur and if they happen to fall while you are away, your seedlings will dry out quickly and perhaps die. What I do when I go away and have nobody to care for my indoor plants, I water them thoroughly before leaving, I put them in the bathtub and cover them with a clear plastic to let the light through and to conserve humidity. when I come back in two weeks, the plants are perhaps a bit leggier but healthy. I never lost any following that method. Maybe that would be a solution you could use to preserve your young clivias.
What do you think?

Bunti, I'm sorry you are having this bad experience with your seedlings. Are you sure you are not overwatering them? Do they have good drainage?

Huong, what are your thoughts?


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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

I've also been growing clivia seed for a long time. A couple of years ago I was in a rush to plant the seeds and used pure peat moss for the medium, nothing else. The root growth was HUGE compared to other mixes, and it's all I use now for clivia. Has anyone else found this to be true?

I take the 'cherries' off the plant and keep them until the skin starts to wrinkle a little, then strip the flesh and membrane off of the seed. I give it a soak in Physan, and let it dry for 24 hours, no longer. Remember that a dried-out clivia seed is a dead clivia seed. Umm...I also have quite a few seedlings. Want some??


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Do you put the Peat moss in a plastic bag like the wet toweling? Or do you plant them straight in a pot with the Peat Moss medium.
Do you put them in another mix after they germinated and what sort of mix would you use then?

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Hi Consentida, how are your plants from the seeds from Huong doing? I have 3 without a red sheath - I am under the impression that they will definitely have yellow flowers. the other 4 have a reddish sheath - my understanding is that most likely they will have typical orange flowers.

One sent up a very pale leaf last year, which eventually died back to 1 inch. A new green leaf came up (shaped sort of like a paddle). And now another pale leaf is coming up. I wonder if Huong had some Light of Buddha plants as well as yellow flowers.


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