TC Leaf mutation and succ container

jessiec777(Washington State 5)July 3, 2012

I noticed one of the leaves on my TC is mutated. Just thought I'd share pics. I'm interested to see what it does when it's bigger.

Also, I made my first little container garden :-)

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My TC is kind of doing the same thing. What I thought was three new leaves forming turned out to be one weird shaped leaf. If only I could get a close up of it I'd share. Stupid camera.


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I was mistaken, apparently the last picture I took of my TC has a somewhat good view of it's odd shaped leaf. I cropped it a little bit for a closeup, sorry if it's a little blurry (again, I don't have a good camera). I wonder what makes their leaves form in such an odd manner?


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One of my TC grew a leaf like this last summer. I think it's just an odd thing that happens - I've seen similar abnormalities in the foliage of other plants. Every now and then, for example, I get a siamese leaf on my African Violets.


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Hi Karen and all. They will root easily in water, but I have a hard time getting them to make the transition to soil. Likely it is my technique, it might break off the new roots.

One succulent I really have a hard time with is Pelargonium (the succulent ones). They will root almost instantly in water, but I have yet to succeed with a single cutting from 5 species. I give up, luckily they grow only too well from seed, and many are self fertile.

The odd leaf is not really odd. Most of the epiphytic cacti I have have produced odd growth, but it almost always is with new plants (plants that have recently rooted). With Schlumbergera and the small segmented species (as opposed to the Central American species), I don't remember too many with new stems growing from triangular segments, that is, the triangular segment seems to be the end of the line for that particular stem.

The Disocactus (a large stemmed Cen. American), also are flat stems, and they also make triangular growth, and this growth is also on newly established, rapidly growing plants. Their triangular segments make new flat stems though.

My theory is that a new plant with good conditions makes this triangle stem in exuberance. Kind of like when you are laughing and get carried away with the moment. Just a theory, because I never hear them laugh.

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A siamese african violet leaf... now that would be an interesting sight.

A TC is the only form of epiphytic cacti that I've owned so far, so the observance and findings of yours is interesting, thanks for sharing.


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