How Would YOU water this Clivia?

dena_eft(7)March 6, 2012

OK,it's really pot bound, I don't want to repot or it won't bloom next year, but how do I water it? I DID try putting in in a bowl of water for sometime, but the water won't seep in. Now I'm concerned if I leave it in the water too long the tubers will rot. What to do? Thanks, :) Arum

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You could submerge the whole pot or put it in the sink/bathtub and stream water over it, wait a little while and do again several times. I occasionally do both with many of my plants and they seem to like it. (I don't have to water for quite a while afterward.)

"I don't want to repot or it won't bloom next year" is an old wives tale. If you are careful and don't disturb the root too much, it shouldn't skip a beat.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)


First, your clivia can probably go a long time without watering. And, although it may not seem like it, soaking the whole pot for 15-20 minutes will probably add enough moisture for at least a couple weeks.

Second, clivias have roots that are a lot like orchid roots. They don't have tubers. Those roots fill up a pot pretty quickly, and the plants will suffer if you don't repot.

Follow the link below if you want to see some photos of a repotting I did with my clivia. In my experience, clivias will bloom as usual after repotting if you use a fast draining mix.

Here is a link that might be useful: Emergency repotting into gritty mix

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Its more important to get the plant repotted than to worry about a missed blooming season :)

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Thank you ALL so much! Nice ideas. I will proceed.:) Arum

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It sounds like you have all roots and no soil.Don't be afraid of repotting because if you miss a year of bloom so what the following year you will get more blooms that you usually get.

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Yes, I jsut repotted it, and the watering is no problem. But no blooms next year, especiall since i took a little babyoff it, but the baby died, it was to small, and I should have known better. No real loss, this clivia is a real monster! Thanks for the post. :) Arum

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Hi Dena

90% Of your problems with clivias comes from the wrong soil mixes. Get your soil mix�s right and you clivias will have a ferry good chanes to flower the next flowering year. Way do I say this? We have found with our 5000 + clivias that when you press the soil together in your hand. And you open your hand and the soil does not fall apart it will hold to mush water.If the soil stays to long wet and there is not enough air around the roods you will get rood rot. If this happen you will have to plant the clivia out again and wait for the plant to grow new rood.

The main resin way clivias don�t flower after you plant them out is they don�t have enough roods or your soil mix�s is not right and you lose to mush roods. Losing to mush rood = 0 flowers the next time it must flower. Don�t cut the roods if some of them brakes. Break the hall rood of where it grows out of the plant. The plants heal mush faster. Only brake out the roods that have broken or died. If it is not broken leaf it. If you must plant the clivia in a bigger container do it.Way does your clivias flower the main resin the clivia flower is to make seeds. If the plant does not have enough roods it will not flower because it will not be able to take up enough water and food to develop the seeds.

U may ask way I say don�t cut the roods. The resin for this is when you cut the roots of you cut throe the plant cells and when you break them of you tear the plant cells from each other. It heals mush quicker because the plant cells are not damage. But when you cut it with a knife you cut right throe the plant cells. Now when you cut throe the plant cells the plant must grow a new plant cell or it must heal the broken plant cells. This takes longer and you stand a good chance for rood rot or stem rot then.
I have transplanted clivias 3 months before the flowering session for the show we have at our club. And 90% of these plants have flowered and we had win medals with them on the show 3 months later. It all depends on your potting mixes and how much roods your clivia have when you transplant it. If for whatever resin your clivia does not have enough roods to supply the plant with water and food it will not flower the next year even if you transplant it or not. This is what we have experienced in the last 15 years + while working with clivias.

I cannot say these methods will work for other plants but it works for clivias. What all so happens is when the clivia is pod bound for too long you start to loos roods. And if you left it for too long you will probably have to wait 2 or 3 years before it will flower again. Because the plant will have to grow new roods it all depends on how much roods the plant have lost. We follow these methods I have mentioned here because it works for us and it keeps our expensive collectors plants happy as well.

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Swerwer, this sounds like excellent advice. Thank you, and I will certainly use it :) Arum

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Swerer, I enjoyed reading your post as well as every one here! It's been a while since I posted , but still enjoy seeing what I read.

Hello Ohio:-)

I use straight bark in mine. I also use bark mulch which can be found at any local big box store. I find the roots on mine very white and full. I can go days without watering or water almost everyday. It is mixes that allow good air exchange that allow me to do so.

I also find that even though I may do a re-pot, I still get flowers the following year if the roots are very happy:-)


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