cinnamon as a fungicide?

marricgardensMarch 2, 2010

Please ignore my last post, it was supposed to be fungicide not fertilizer! I was wondering about this because I noticed one of my clivias has the brown

'streak' starting on a leaf. I use cinnamon as a fungicide on my seedlings so was wondering if it would work on clivias. Has anyone ever tried this? Marg

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Let's try again..:-)

Here is a link that might be useful: cinnamon use..

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I read this in a yahoo group for Adenium:

''Cinnamon has been shown to be an effective fungicide and bactericide. A 1993 article in Organic Gardening magazine recommends 4 teaspoons in a gallon of water. Also, it makes your plants smell good!

''However, almost all of the cinnamon sold in the USA and Canada is actually the bark of another tree, Cinnamomum cassia and others, not true cinnamon Cinnamomum verum (syn. C. zeylanicum) from Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Since the literature I've found originated in the USA, I presume that the fungicidal stuff is cassia powder. I don't know whether true cinnamon has the same properties.'' Mark Dimmitt (an expert)

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I use it on my seedlings with good results. I have tried it on one of my clivias to see how it worked. I've noticed that on 2 of my clivias, the bottom leaves are starting to turn yellow. Don't know if that is a sign of ageing or a fungus. I have to look that up. Marg

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Aging most likely..:-)

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