Question about my clivia seeds sprouting!

teisa(6)March 5, 2013

Hi! That was a great explanation by Ohiofem on how to start Clivia from seeds! I do just have 1 question that I didn't quite understand.
This morning I opened the bag and I had 6 out of 8 seeds sprouting!!!!
Ok on the thread by Ohiofem, he stated the new growth starting to emerge from the seed was a "root" I believe. Then he said when you start to see a bit of green, this will become your first leaf. This is when you need to pot it in soil. And to place it root down.
Well, I have a small thing coming out of my seed, with a bit of green on the end starting to appear. Well if this is a leaf, should I not place it in potting soil facing up and not down?
I know this is very confusing, I hope someone can understand what I'm asking and be able to help.

Thanks - Teisa

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Hi Teisa,
Give them some more time and the distinction between root and leaf should become evident. If not, lay them on their sides. They will find the way. If it's the first bit of growth, it will a root which can take on a bit of a green hue. Can you take a photo? If I could see it, I could tell you what you're working with.

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Thank you for replying and reassuring me that I need to just give it a little more time. Yes it was just the first shoot that I saw the green on. So this must be just the root. I will try to get a picture later (when the baby naps), but from what you said I'm pretty sure it is the root. I still have a couple that were just starting to split but no growth emerged yet.

Thanks a bunch !


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Hi, Teisa: I'm glad to hear your seeds are sprouting. If you look at the picture I posted you will notice that the radicle growing out of the seed has a white part and a green part. I am sorry I wasn't more clear. The part you want pointing down into the mix is the white part that will develop into the root. The seed itself and the green part should stay on or above the soil surface. Any tissue that is green is photosynthesizing or turning light into food. You want to keep that part in the light. I agree with Gail. It's fine to just lay the seed on its side on the soil. Once the root and the leaf become more obvious you can poke a hole in the potting mix and gently put the root in it. Clivias are monocots, like corn or grass. They only produce one true leaf at first, unlike most plants we grow, whichever are dicots that produce two seed leaves at first.


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Ok I finally was able to get a picture. Im pretty sure this is the root and I just need to give it more time for the first leaf to develop. Ohiofem and Gail, thank you for your help. I did take a quick picture so you all can see what I was referring to and have going on. Does this look right for this stage of development?

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Nice, Teisa! Yes, that's the root. You are well on your way.;-) It might be the photo, but the "skin" on the seed looks a little wrinkled. If so, pull back on the moisture.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Looking good, Teisa! The leaf will develop from the little bit of green tissue, so keep that part exposed to the light. It won't hurt the seed or the white root to get light either. Your next hurdle is to keep the seedling growing without letting any fungus develop. it should lie on top of moist, but not soggy, potting mix. The seed will feed the seedling so no fertilizer is needed. It can stay attached for as long as three months. The fact that your seeds sprouted relatively quickly suggests that you've got vigorous stock. Good luck.

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