Cold damaged clivia

debbiecz3(z3MB)March 7, 2008

My clivia was left unprotected in front of an open sliding door on a extremely frigid day and many of the outer leaves have collapsed. The inner leaves seem okay. My question, should I just leave those damaged leaves to deteriorate further or should I cut them off now? My husband is definately in the bad books now, as well as my grown daughter, who filled the house up with smoke cooking making him open the door in the first place!

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Hi Debbie,

I know it is ugly, but let those damaged leaves turn brown and die before you touch it. That will take about 2 months. Then clean up your Clivia. If you do it too early, you might cause even more damage or stress. Your plant will be fine since the inner leaves are in good shape. It will probably still bloom this year as well as next year.

Good luck,
Sacramento, CA

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I'm happy to report that my baby survived and is blooming now outside.

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Wheee!!! Aren't Clivia awesome?


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