If not a Clivia, then what ?

cocoabeachloraxMarch 5, 2012

Hello All,

My husband feels that we have enough Clivia (can you ever really have enough ?)...

We won a beautiful large finger painted pot (probably 3 gallons worth of soil I'm guessing) from our daughter's school auction. I bought the most amazing Clivia from a trusted seller on that auction site and, well, it was simply too amazing for the pot. You see this pot was to go in our FROG (finished room over the garage), seldom to be seen and this plant was too beautiful, so we changed plans.

Now I need another plant with similar needs to the Clivia for our auction pot. Not too much light (but this room does have a large east facing window and we're in central florida so it will get plenty of indirect light), not too picky with regards to watering, not too prone to pests in doors. It does not need to bloom, nor need to be particularly spectacular, just a hardy reliable plant similar in behavior and needs to the Clivia.

I'd prefer to stay away from the overtly toxic like the ZZ plant.

Any suggestions ? Thanks.

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Hm. Maybe something like a schefflara? They tend not to need much light but arent as temp hardy.

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Hello! Haveyou thought of an orchid? I used to think that they were so difficult to grow,but I find they are the simplest, and very rewarding. :) Arum :)

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But only do an orchid if you're gonna have drainage...like set the orchid pot in the new pot with drainage rocks in the bottom. Most orchids don't like "wet feet". :(

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