Cactus or Succulent Identification

lilce51286July 27, 2013

Anyone can post to this thread whether its for me or not lol all is welcome.

I have this plant don't no anything about it, my sister gave it to me and she said its in the cactus family and this plant grows varigated like this. Pups look exactly like this parent plant but smaller haaha. Weekly watering and lots of light. This is what she's been doing to keep it in her house and her AC is 65 during the summer.

As for me I'm going to keep this along side my ZZ plant: watering 1-2X a month (dry side), I'm keeping it like a succulent: partial sun, and the waterfall gives it supplemental lighting at night as well. The plant has pups growing on the side and the leafs edges are prickly. Not like a cactus but for young kids/animals this could be an issue. When I run the edges front or back it Dosen't hurt. Any help with what type of plant this is & care is welcome. Thank you!!

Also summer here in Baltimore so my AC daytime 75 and night 73 I don't like it freezing cold like my sister in Delaware. The leaves are smooth & waxy like texture and seems like it pushes itself out of the soil

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Leaf close up: tiny jagged edges

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Night time pic of the mystery plants living space. It's actually in our foyer above the front door has a window where sun full comes in

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maark23 TX/8a

Hmmmm it is not a cactus. It could possibly be a succulent, but i think it's some kind of house plant. Don't really know much about house plants.


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I agree , not sure if its an agave type? My sister said her husband's friend has lots of these in their house and they get very tall/wide but they can't remb the name. Seems like they made it a house plant

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Is it some kind of young Screw Pine, Pandanus? If it is, the light from a small window 5 ft. away is never going to be enough.

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It is exactly that :) I posted this on house plant forum and found out its called "pandanus Veitchii white" yea I'll prob move it upstairs in my kitchen where sliding door is. Want to see how it'll grow here first and thanks for your reply as well as others :))))

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