When & how to prune my Nelly Moser

esther_bMarch 20, 2013

She only gave me about 5 flowers total all last season, 2nd year of growth. I put alfalfa cubes all around her base as instructed last year. How do I prune the entire woody stem left over from last year to get maximum growth and flowers? Thanks

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How hard did you prune last year? It is generally recommended that any type of clematis get hard pruned (down to the first set of buds/leaf axils) for the first couple of seasons in the ground. That encourages a strong root system, multiple stems emerging form the root crown and a greater resistance to wilt. If it wasn't pruned hard last season, I'd do so this year.

Now is typically the time to prune most clematis types - when you would prune roses or when the forsythia is blooming. Many folks also fertilize at this time as well.

Nelly is a pruning group 2 clematis. After establishment (a couple of seasons of hard pruning) you want to prune lightly, removing about 16-18" from the top of the vine and cleaning up any dead or tangled stems. After the initial late spring/early summer bloom flush you can prune again lightly to encourage a late summer rebloom.

The hard pruning your vine should receive now will not eliminate the early flowering but only delay it a bit. I also would not be overly concerned if your vine doesn't produce as many flowers as you would like - it takes from 3-5 years for them to establish well, mature and start putting on a good show.

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Thanks. The entire dead vine from last year is still entwined on the supporting post. We are currently getting very cold weather and even snow Monday here in NYC. Should I prune the dead vine from last year all the way down to the first set of leaf axils from the ground even now?

I intend to put in some more Plant-tone (organic fertilizer) when it's a little warmer. Is it time to put some broken-up alfalfa cubes down around the Nelly Moser base?

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You can prune now. We have had some rather cold weather as well and even some snow on Friday. Cold will not hurt the vine at all.

You can wait a bit to fertilize. You might want to soak the alfalfa cubes in water and then water that into the base of the plant. You can do that anytime after pruning.

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I see 2 sets of new leaves at nodes, from the ground up, Node 1 and Node 2. I'm planning (as soon as Passover is over) to cut the plant back to the higher of these 2 nodes. I hope that is enough of hard pruning.

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Sounds good!

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