has anyone ever tried growing a Clivia in coco peat?

meyermike_1micha(5)March 2, 2009

I was curious.

I have been using a griity soil for all my plants. They are all doing wonderful.

I never got around to transplanting one of them out of a cocopeat only mix, I mean no perlite, or anything, in a see through container, and I tell you, that plant has the biggest fattest white roots I have ever seen. They look so healthy! It seems to me to, that I can let the soil dry out longer, and it seems to hold the perfect moister for the roots for a longer period of time.

It is VERY happy.

You could probably grow in just about anything that just holds moisture, and that drains well.

I wonder if this could be an alternative for those of you that live in hot dry climates, or anywhere for that matter?

Just a thought.

It has been growing in it for 2 years, and is so healthy. I just realized it the other day, examining the roots through the container and seeing how beautiful it is. I see them coming out the bottom of container too..

All my others are in a gritty mix, are doing fine too. But cocopeat seems to perform better than regular peat in this case. Just my observation, that's all.:-)

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I have had a clivia for about a year that I won at a Master Gardener meeting and it is potted in regular potting soil with some added perlite. It looks great, dark green leaves, nice fat roots peeking out of the bottom of the pot and even a bud just beginning to break out of the leaves. Can't wait to see it. I'm pretty sure it is the common orange color, but they are gorgeous. One day I would like to find a yellow one.

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How can this thread be near the top when the last one to post to it did it 4 years ago????


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How is your clivia planted in coco peat doing? I'm guessing the clear pot is plastic.
I just got a few clivias that arrived bare root and put them in clay pots with gritty mix for air circulation and because I know I tend to water more than less. I'm thinking I will try an offset in coco and see they compare.

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bragu_DSM 5

mm: because someone updated it, then deleted their post ...

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