Some More Blooms

kasha77September 17, 2010

Just wanted to share my gardens with you.

Hope you enjoy!


P.S.- Did you see the abnormal flower on Kelly Ann? Two blooms from one Caylx!

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White, Purple, Yellow, Salmon and Pink got most of the colors available in this family... Thanks for sharing


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Just beautiful Kathy! Your double white has a wonderful flush.

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just Beautiful Brugs, I love the photo of the Moth, you have done a great job with your Brugs, Thank you for sharing


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Your brugs are gorgeous!


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Thanks for the nice comments! The double white is Creamsickle, what an incredible scent she has! All these are blooming now. I think the Moon vine flowers smell the best, along with my Hawaiian White Ginger at the top of my list!
Jamaican Yellow

Jamaican Yellow

Painted Lady

Triple Yellow Datura

Xena- nice spicy scent!

Yellow from Willbean- great fragrance!

Charles Grimaldi- Sweet fragrance

Ecuador Pink


Cupid's Blush



Mrs. Chambers



Cupid's Blush

Ecuador White

Cupid's Blush

D X G2


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Just added some more, hope you enjoy!


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Your brugs and dats look great and I love the sphinx moth. I wonder why I get an error when I click the pics to enlarge?

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Spectacular Kathy! That DxG2 looks large or your hands are super small :-)

I get the same message Karyn. At this point, I don't know if it's PB acting up or just the code that was selected.

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Karyn- I get 4 of these moths vying for the best flower on my moon flowers. They often bumb into me as they fly around! Sorry about the error code- I'm choosing the HTML clickable thumbnails for Ebay, Love Journal, my space etc. is that the right one? I'll be glad to change if it's not. Eloise, I guess that flower is quite large, I have average sized hands. The fragrance on that one is incredible- something like orange blossoms!

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Wow Kathy!

Just gorgeous! Thanks you so much for sharing!

I haven't had a bloom this year, the spider mites were very bad this summer and I just never did get them under control! The cuttings I gave away bloomed early and often at my MIL house, but I am just seeing my first buds setting now.

Seeing your blooms renews my hopes for next year! I do have some beautiful buds forming on a two year old seedling! cannot wait to see what the flowers look like!


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Hi Frances- sorry to hear about your brugs- hope for better performance for them next year!

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Ooh, thanks for the pix Kathy. My painted lady has fat buds and I was wondering what to hope for. the coloration and scent for Cupids Blush aren't that remarkable but I love the way it folds up so symetrically during the daytime as shown in your pic. My Xena bloomed redder than I've been seeing in the pics posted by others here but may be just this year...anyhow a keeper (starting flush #3 which for me is great way up north here. And finally I'm gonna have to add creamsickle to my want list when we get to trading.

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Will, you're welcome! I't great to see a photo before you trade for it. The Creamsickle cutting is yours! I love Cupid's Blush, one of my top favorites this year. Kelly Ann is wonderful, as well as Painted Lady. But that Pink Beauty you sent me last year is the most robust, pest resistant free flowering brug I have! Thanks!

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Kasha, What great success you've had, considering the heat we had this summer. You must tell me what you do to yours.
Do you give them epsom salt, my flowers are all coming in white right now, and I'm wondering if this is because of the epsom. I can't figure it out, it happened last year to and I started using the salt last year or maybe it's that high bloom fertilizer. The blooms were the right color on frosty, now she's white with just a light pink tinge and my super pink hardly had any color (the picture I posted was more colorful then the cream color it was) although it is a noid cross and my one bloom on a cassies curls was also white. My monika's should be open this fall and more of others, if it weren't for my brugs, my garden would be boring to tend to at this time of year.

And how often do you water during the summer and what fertilizer are you using?

Lovely blooms - Sandy

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Hi Sandyseeds!
Thanks for the lovely email! I've been meaning to tell you that I was really encouraged by your winter storage of cuttings and how to root them. I took notes on my experiments last winter on what worked and what didn't.
I've learned so much this year! I really do not like Epsom salts, maybe I apply too much, but it looked like they were burned after a day or 2. Yours might be coming in white because of the cooler temps- but I'll bet they'll color up in a day or so. Mine do that too. Because I double dug my beds and raised them up, and because I have a sandy loam (with horse manure and stable sawdust mixed in) my beds are VERY fast draining, so I've had to water sometimes 2x a day in the heat. I haven't watered in a few days since we received 4 inches of rain, and the weather's dropped into the 40's at night. I have cuttings in ground that I'm starting, and don't want them to rot. So dry and cool is best for now. I'm really delaying taking them in for the winter, It's supposed to warm up at night into the 50"s again and I have tons of blooms waiting to pop. I LOVE Super thrive, fish emulsion, (homemade) Miracle grow.I apply it in a foliar feed, every week. I also used Bayer's 2 in 1 for pests, don't think it fed them enough, so I won't use it again. The green worms were horrible this year. Hand picking seemed to be best. Well, Sandy- I'm beat so I'll end for now-

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Thank you so much Kasha, your input is very helpful. Several leaves would yellow after using epsom salt and maybe it is affecting blooming and colors. I'll just have to cut it right back to a teaspoon per 2 gallons. Next year, they're all going in huge tupperware totes, covered nicely with some marble ticky tack I'll take them out of them for storage but they seriously need their own space. That's a lot of watering you do. I thought once every 2 days might be overdoing it, except for pots but twice a day? Ouch, it takes me a day to recover from my watering's not really a joke. But I do need better drainage I think, and that's easier done with pots. I use ST&MG, but I've change to a different brand just lately to see the results. Maybe that's what's causing the color problem. Just don't know. I hear so much on the fish emulsion that I might just have to look into that next year.
You do mean using the fish emulsion (homemade)for the foliar feed, right?

Thanks again Kathy - Sandy

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Andrew Scott

Hi Kathy,
I know this is an older post but WOW! I cannot believe that I am going to have some of these very flowers! I really enjoyed the pics of the diffrent stages of the Cupid's blush! I all ready have one of the 2 in soil now. I rememeber how my 'Frosty Pink' opened yellow and then turned pink. I got 2 varieties from my good friend Bo. She sent me a ton of them but stupid me, I didn't check all the cuttings to see if the names had been written in permanent marker, so I don't know what some of them are. I quickly found out that one of them was the 'Frosty Pink'.

There all awesome varieties. I love the bottom of the skirts on the 'Ecuador White' and the 'D2 G2'. Xena is so vibrant and same with Dola. I did find(I am sure this is a true newbie finding,)that the 'Frosty Pink' flowers color was influenced by temps. My FP bloomed around end of August, and again in September but the flowers in September were almost white, with a very faint pink blush to the flower.
Kathy, I cannot thank you enough for this awesome opportunity. Because of you, I now have the rare opportunity to grow so many diffrent varieties of brugs for such a reasonable price!

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Yes Sandy- you're right- I make my own fish emulsion by using a 3 gal bucket of water with fish heads etc left over from fishing. I put the lid on it and put it in an out of the way place-(this part is VERY important!) and let this turn into a "tea". After a few weeks I laddle a cool whip bowl amount of it into another 3 gal bucket and fill it up with water, and then feed my plants. I'm sure that a foliar feed application feeds them faster. My plants respond beautifully! In a day or 2, the leaves are darker and reach upward. It's great stuff and I need to go fishing again to replenish my "tea".
Hey Andrew- So glad you're on your way to the "happy farm" with your brugs! LOL! You sound like the rest of us when we become newbies to brugs! It's so awesome to meet the newbies on this site this year- they are like sweet little children at Christmas time- so excited! I've enjoyed each and every one of them!
Stay in touch Andrew, I'll have more cuttings for you next year!


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