26 degress tonight should I be worried

sandyl(Zone 6B -7)March 25, 2013

I have several of my clematis, Ramona and Crystal Fountain that I prunned lightly about a month ago and tonight the temp is suppose to get down to around 26degress, these two clematis has already set bloom buds, I can't recall over the years if 26 degress have ever hurt them before, should I try to cover them up or should they be ok? I just can't remember at what tempature should I not worry about them.. I have 25 plus but these two are the only ones that have aready set bloom buds.. They are both on trellis's that I guess I could wrap a blanket around. For some reason I'm thinking 18 to 20 degress they should still be fine within covering up. What do some of you do when buds are set and a cold front comes through? The other's I have placed 5 gal buckets over because they are hard prunned down low enough to cover with buckets.

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If you are certain they are flower buds, then I would consider covering the plant with some lightweight material like Remay, aka harvest cloth. FWIW, I have a number of clematis that produce early flower buds and bloom without concern for late frosts or freezes but they are not type 2's.

I am always in a bit of awe at folks who report their type 2 clematis blooming or getting ready to bloom at this time of year........they will not be doing anything here until well into May, perhaps even June depending on type and siting.

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