perennial720March 2, 2007

I bought a Clivia several years ago at a flower show. I thought it was a house plant. It looks healthy but it has never bloomed. What do I need to do to get it to bloom? How much sunlight does it require? Does ot require any special soil or fertilizer?

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wayner2000(5b Ontario)

Hi Perennial720, I just purchased mine and it has just finished blooming. It is now growing seed heads, I'm not sure if I should let these develope? The instructions which came with the plant are: "South African native blooms orange in midwinter. Narrow green leaves. Moderate-low light, in fall, let dry out between waterings: moist during summer. Diluted houseplant fertilizer spring to fall". I'm not sure if this helps as it is kinda vague. I'm hoping someone more experienced will enlighten us..............Wayne

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fgilles02420(z6 MA)

Hi Perennial 720,
I grow clivia here in MA zone 5/6. They are outside in shade from late May - September. They come back inside late September to a north window and here's what I think is the crucial part - from Nov 1 - Jan 1 they go into the basement (near a faintly lit window) with no care, no watering. It probably stays about 55 degrees or so. I believe they need a dormant/dry period. Then I bring them back up into a north window and resume watering. Mine usually flower three times a year with this treatment. Neglect appears crucial; good luck!

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dries(South Africa)

Clivia is both a house and garden plant. Depending on your winter temperatures. If it goes too low, it can be damaged. However, it needs a dormant period to induce flowering. They should recieve 80% shade as direct sun will damage the leaves.
Seeds should only be harvested after they changed colour.
For more information you are welcome to check out the links on my website.

Here is a link that might be useful: My website

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hello, frances, I have 2 plants which are not blooming. when you put it in the basement during the winter like that, do the leaves dry off and does it get any kind of bugs/spiders? what do you do to prevent the bugs? thanks.


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dries(South Africa)

A dry period of 2 months should not harm Clivia as it stores a lot of moisture in the roots. However, bugs love the warmth and minimum air movement indoors. So, a monthly foliar spray of a weak cocktail of a fungicide, pesticide and liquid fertilizer as a precautian will be advisable!!

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I've had landscape orange Clivias outdoors for over 10 years in the Sacramento, CA area. We are zone 9. We get about 1 week per year with AM lows around the upper 20'sF. I keep my plants next to the house, so they have added protection. In this environemnt, they have only frozen once (this year with low 20's). They bounced right back 2 months later with their best bloom set. The "ugly" leaves are finally giving way to the newer leaves. They didn't set seed very well, though. They also tolerate up to a week or so of daytime highs upto about 110F, but someone on another site reported even higher temps. They look sad, but bounce back nicely. If you can keep them within these ranges, you should be fine. Next year I'll have burlap or some other protection to keep them from freezing. Hopefully this helps.

Sacramento, CA

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hello, dries. thanks. i will try that this winter.


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