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nerdish11(7a)February 19, 2014

Hey folks! It's me again this time I'm just wondering if everything is looking good or not. I have a few small concerns but the over all health of the tree seems okay.
First is some of the blooms fell off during pollinating. Is this a sign of problems?

Second notice the new growth all of the new growth is about 1-2 inches larger in leaf size. It seems like it's trying to stretch even though I keep trying to prune it back. It refuses to be short... LOL.

Third a massive split in the branches seems to have come out of nowhere and the crack is so deep I can't see the bottom!!!

And lastly I have seen no change in anything for 2 weeks maybe 3...

Now for some details... I water when the top 1-1.5" feels dry.

It is in the kitchen and receives only about 3-4hours of direct sunlight a day but gets about 5 hours of indirect sunlight otherwise.

It is planted in its original soil but added some miracle grow potting soil last spring when I potted up. It drains well and usually takes a little less than a week before needing more water.

The water I use is out of the tap but has diluted Epsom salt mixed in with a teaspoon per half gallon. Every other watering. Other than that I haven't fertilized because I'm not sure when it's actually necessary.

Here in Oklahoma it's still a lil chilly at night so I'm still keeping it in doors but it's new home is being built as we speak. It's a 101"x78" cattle panel GH that will get full sun.

Oh and the tag that came with it only said "citrus tree" but I'm hoping its a Meyer.

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I can only send 1 photo at a time...

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New growth

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Old growth

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New home!!!

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Split branch

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Is this the graft near the soil?

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Also notice that small lower branch in the last pic should I prune that it hasn't grown at all since I bought the tree but it is very sturdy for its teeny tiny lil size.

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Essentially all the "problems" you describe are caused by too low light levels. The tree looks good; but I would give it a shot of a good citrus fertilizer now; and stop with the Magnesium (Epsom Salt) unless you see symptoms of Mg deficiency. Your tree appears to be a lemon; but I think if it were a Meyer, they would have said so proudly. Our company motto is, "If life gives you lemons, pray they are Meyer".

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I've looked around aside from the actual GHs here the big box stores only carry the general fruit and flower formulas. I suppose that's because citrus plants aren't very common in Oklahoma. So I guess my question is should I be looking for a high nitrogen fertilizer like 12-4-8? The 12-4-8 that I'm mentioning is a liquid fertilizer. Would it be okay to give it a shot of that (per directions of course) with slow release granular of similar value.

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12-4-8 is NPK ratio 3-1-2; quite excellent ratio. Maybe equally important does it have Mg, Ca, Fe, and Zn.

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No Ca but it does have .10% Fe, .05% Mn, and .05% Zn. It's just miracle-gro all purpose plant food. The recommended dosage seems very weak though. 1/2 teaspoon per half gallon or 2 quarts. Is it safe to double that if my soil tests say that I'm low on nitrogen?

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Not much of an expert, but that does seem like a pretty good ratio. A lot of people on here recommend using Foliage Pro, which comes in a 9-3-6 ratio, which is the same 3-1-2 ratio. I know Foliage Pro has just about everything, including the micronutrients some fertilizers don't. (Fe,Ca,Mn,Zn etc.)

But if your missing the Ca you can try crushing eggshells with a mortar and pedestal. I do this, cause I believe it helps it break down more rapidly than just pieces of eggshell. I have even read of people soaking the shells in vinegar to aid in the process of breaking down the Ca making it available for the plant.

One guy even soaked zinc coated roofing nails in vinegar and swore he fixed a zinc deficiency his citrus trees had. Pretty neat trick that I might give it a try myself in the future. And with Citrus preferring a more acidic soil anyway they don't mind the vinegar, and seem to enjoy it actually. Good luck Friend!

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