Help with Clivia Problem

teisa(6)April 23, 2013

I have a Clivia that seems to be failing. I lost 2 leaves (one on each side). Last time I repotted it seemed to have roots rotting. I went to HD to look for product to help roots. I was told to buy copper fungicide, will this help? If someone can please give me advice on this I would really appreciate it!!


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Teisa, why isn't it in the ground? It would do so much better in the ground, imho. I hope you haven't lost it.

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I don't know why but for some reason it puts my zone as 10! I forgot to change it before posting. But each time I post I have to manually change It, as it is actually 6. So I could not put it in the ground here in zone 6.

So after reading here, I found information that it is actually sulfur that stops rotting roots. So I bought some this morning and I'm just about to apply this and repot it. I was hoping I had a response from someone on how to apply it and what to do next. But it's not been very long. Ive got to do something quickly!!


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Teisa, I wonder how your clivia is doing. Also, what kind of mix is it in? The chunkier the soil, the faster water drains out and the lower the chances of root rot.

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