blackcurrant swirl metel

whiteeaglesue(8)September 28, 2012

i was suppose to have a blackcurrant and it bloomed tonite and it is single and only a slight tinge of purple around the edges is this normal and will it have double dark purple blooms or did i get a mishap thank you this is my first one and i was so disapointed when i saw the bloom open up thanks for any info

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AllanRandall(z7 OKC)

I had some seed of Blackcurrant swirl last year and was very disappointed. I had grown double purple in the past, but was enticed by the photos of Blackcurrant swirl, so I had to try it. From most of the photos it look like purple and white perfectly blended together, however, mine were not so perfectly blended (as you said, they were only tinged with purple).

Now, I started them late, so I really didn't get that many blooms and there seems to be some variation even with my double purples. I went back to double purple this year, but I have been considering trying it again. Hopefully someone on this board has had good luck with them because, until then, I am in the same boat as you, disappointed

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I'm growing it this year from seeds I saved a few years ago, and it seemed to be a lighter color when it first started blooming. Seems to be getting a bit darker color now.

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Here is pictures I took yesterday.
It's the same datura that was very pale and looked like it had crossed with my yellow one when it first started blooming a few months ago. I love the color now.
I grew this one from seeds I had labeled patio datura from a few years ago.
I believe those seeds were traded to me as Black Current Swirl.
So, give it a chance and maybe the color will get better.

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Very pretty!


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