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Ament(5a SD)September 29, 2011

Gods above I will never own a Ford Truck like my mother-in-laws truck. It's the 6. whatever one that has all the engine troubles. Bleedin' miserable machine if I ever saw one!

Not even a full 24hrs worth of actual drive time and we broke down not once... but TWICE! First time, the fuel pump went and took out two injectors. Which meant a full bank of injectors had to be replaced. So, we had to drop the camper in the ford lot in Rock Springs Wyo. and spend the night there, so the truck could be worked on. Because of course... we arrived just about 15 min. too late to have the darn truck looked at.

200 miles later... a rear wheel seal blew out! OMG talk about miserable. I'd say, about 2 hrs before sunset this happens. So yep... another Ford lot, in Heber City. At least this time we didn't spend the night in that Ford lot. LOL

Drive the rest of the way to SoCal, carefully, however, this vehicle she has, has got to be the roughest most miserable ride I've ever experienced. Right on the bumpstops, slamming our spines up through the top of our heads the whole way. Turn around and head back after 5 days then...

40...Forty! Miles from her home... Yep! Broke down again!

Did I mention how much I detest Fords? LOL

Well, let me say it again, "I hate Ford Full size duel Diesel trucks! With an Absolute passion!" I will never own one, Ever. I am stickin' with my Dodge Ram duel diesel. 2004 1/2. Yes, 1/2. LoL Ask Dodge, they love this one. Would not stop calling us to come trade it in. Cuz they could resell it in a snap! *Snap!* This dodge has gone to Florida 3 times and California 2 times. Never once did this ol' gal break down on us. :) Did I mention, I love my Dodge? ;)

Future trips will *not* be made in my mother-in-laws truck. And I wouldn't drive either, backseat and passenger seat drivers just irk me to no end. I'll hammer the breaks and drop em off or get out myself. :P No tolerance for it!

Anyway, Thank you for reading this ramblin' post. I figured I'd share the story and vent a little bit. ;) I'll post pictures soon! Oh and I got a Plumaria tree as a gift! Hehe! So that was a nice surprise.


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That sucks! Where were you going and did you ever make it? Is it a new truck? If so it certainly sounds like it qualifies for the "lemon law". We have 2 Fords (minivan & Explorer, not a truck) and love them. The one I hate is our Honda which everyone else loves. Nothing wrong with it except it's the most uncomfortable car I've ever been in. What variety of plumeria did you get?

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Wow Tina, that sounds like a miserable trip. Unless I was taking something to someone that I couldn't mail, I would never drive all that distance and stay five days!!! Glad you are back home, safe and sound.

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chena(z8 Texas)

YIKES!!! Some vacation!!!!! Glad you made it back safely!!!! Sounds like the qualifies for the BIG Bottle of Tequila !!!


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Ament(5a SD)

We made it there and back, "safely" other than the miserable break downs of this retarded truck. It's famously known by diesel truck lovers as a Ford lemon. I forget which engine though sorry gals. I'm not much good on that. LoL

We went out for a wedding deal. Cousin got married. :) It was much fun! Her mom gifted me with a couple little jades, another succulent I don't know the name of, a christmas cactus and this plumeria. I've posted in the plumeria forums to find out what the name of it is. Heh! I love these forums! Everyone is so helpful that way!

I took over 500 pictures of the reception, the drive there and back as well as flowers and such. I've been going through the images to upload them and share them with everyone here.

Also had a surprise when I got back, one brug had dropped every single leaf she had and the other was going yellow! Ugh! Daughter didn't water my gals at all it appears... Ah well! I've drenched them in the tub and drained them, now they are outside sunbathing. So hopefully they are very happy now. :D I'm praying Miss Emily can recover yet again... LOL My poor plants! I can't take trips! Haha! So glad to be back home again.

Coffee was my preferred first return drink though. As I had to take time to unload the truck, bathe plants in water, then bathe the Dane too. After that, a big sigh, a relaxing sip of coffee was the needful thing. :D So glad to be back and chatting with my friends here, I missed you all. ;)

~Tina, who is very relieved to be back in her own bed!

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