Need help with a Moro Blood Orange

Bloats(Zone 6)February 19, 2012

I'm new to this website(and gardening), so excuse me if I'm in the wrong section.

Anyway, I recently bought a Moro Blood Orange. It's only about a year old and 12-14 inches tall. I just learned about pinching, and was wondering if the tree needs to be pinched. There is only one stem coming from the trunk, though. I'm bringing it in for the winter, but I'm letting it go out on my deck for the Spring/Summer/Fall. So... Should I pinch this to keep it small and bushy or is this a bad idea?

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TimSF(CA Z8B/Sunset17)

Hi Bloats, welcome!

Pinching would certainly encourage more branching, so yes, if this is your goal I would say you should do so. However, you'll probably want to do this when your Moro is in an actively growing state later this spring or summer.


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Bloats(Zone 6)

Alright then, it's probably a good idea i asked this because no websites were saying WHEN to do this. Thanks!

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