clivia seed.

dennisoo7April 30, 2008


i often see poor quality clivia seed for sale on ebay,does that mean i would get poor quality plants?.

thank you.

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

I got some nice plants out of some I bought last year, so no you can't go by that. I really don't understand why Lily and Wu Jin call them poor quality.

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She just doesn't want to misrepresent. I bought some nice quality ones from Lily, and I've now got about 60 seeds leafed out, from 110 seeds, and I'm waiting for the rest to leaf out. So far only 3 seeds have died.

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The Chinese have a pretty strict quality rating system of their Clivias. They judge the parents based on leaf structure, shape, size, color, variegation, symmety, etc. Most of the Clivias in the USA would qualify as "poor quality." In the USA, we tend to be more interested in flowers. They have a few amazing flowers, but most of their efforts have been into leaves, while most of the western world's efforts have been into the flowers.

Lily is very respected. The "poor quality" label is not that the seeds are in bad shape, just that you will most likely get an average oranges.

Good luck with your seedlings.

Sacramento, CA

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thanks craig that makes sense.

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hi craig,i was just reading the and this is what they said This is a picture I took today showing some nice seedlings grown from poor looking seeds of Chinese clivia with orange flowers x semi-broad leaf yellow clivia (pollen parent)

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I just purchased a clivia plant from one of my neighbors. She said it is 8 years old. It had two blossoms this year and now I have some green seeds on the plant.

Please tell me when these can be harvested. I am very excited about my new plant.

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This year,again, I have lots of seeds to give away to interested Clivia fans.You must be Canadian or have a canadian address .to get the seeds .I have many types
and strains of Clivia but I only have Broad leaf Belgium
Hybrid seeds for distribution.Please e-mail me if you
are interested .Take care
My e-mail address

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