clivia re-potting, rotting?

warrengkApril 14, 2011

Hi there, i have a big varigated clivia, that was in the ground for a few years, well i dug it up because i wanted to move it into a pot to enjoy it closer. Well some of the roots were cut during the move. So i potted it up in a 5 gallon pot, that's the only thing all these roots would fit in. Checked it a few weeks later and noticed that the roots that were cut during the move, were starting to mush, now i didn't water it as i didn't want it to rot. so i replanted using more perlite, check some surface roots today and they are still mushing, i think its because of stress and the clivia not growing, not needing any water from the roots. Now do i cut as many roots off as i can, or do i just let the natural process take over of the roots dying off, its not root rot the disease as i dunked it in daconil before i planted it into a pot, any info would be appreciated! thanks

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Warrengk...I'd bet your Clivia is stressed.
Most plants grown in a garden then potted in a container goes through a stressful period.

Don't keep you unpot the entire plant to sneek a peek?
If so, please stop.

How moist are you keeping soil? Soil needs to dry between waterings. My Clivias are grown as succulents. Too much water will cause root rot.
Water when soil feels and looks crumbly. Hopefully, you potted in well-draining soil??

There's a product called SuperThrive. It works fantastic on stressed plants. ST contains 50 vitamins and hormones. If you have or decide to get a bottle, add 10 drops per gallon of room temp water. Mix. Then add to soil.

Keep your Clivia in a brightly lit window or if outdoors, bright shade to indirect bright light.

I doubt your Clivia will bloom this year, but if left in the same container, it should flower in 2012. Good luck, Toni

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