Scale on clivia

klo1(z7 OK)April 13, 2011

I have two of the orange clivia's, one of them has scale on it and I'm afraid the other is going to get it also. What can I do to get rid if it?

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KL. If you don't separate Clivias, instead of one you will have two plants with Scale.

In fact, inspect the second Clivia, and other neighboring plants..

To rid Scale I use, 1 capful of Fish Emulsion and a 16-20oz water sprayer, 'filled w/water.'

If you only have one or two infested plants, reduce by dividing the amount of Fish Emulsion and water.
Leftovers must be discarded.

Fish Emulsion is organic, so it won't burn leaves..

After mixing water and FE, shake the sprayer thoroughly. Spray tops and undersides of leaves. And a little in the vase/center where leaves meet.
Spraying should be done twice, one week apart.

You can also hand-pick Scale, but IMO, spraying w/FE can't be beat..Good luck, Toni

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klo1(z7 OK)

Thank you Toni! I have some fish FE so will get right on it.

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