Wanted: pummelo hardwood cuttings

soaht(Central CA 9B)February 9, 2013

Greetings citrus fancier, Can anyone spare some Pummelo(not grape fruit)hardwood cuttings. I would like to try to root some pummelo cuttings and it doesn't have to be any specific kind, just not grape fruit. I can reimburse shipping fees. Another ? will tangelo come true from seed or will they be different since they are hybrids? Thanks and let me know if you can help.


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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

I thought I was under the impression that it was illegal to trade budwood for propogation in California? Including just for own personal use? This is to prevent the spread of HLB and other deadly citrus diseases. Please someone correct me if I am wrong!


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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Thanks Kristopher, I was inform by a fellow Californian that it's a big no no at the moment due to some kind of asian bug disease spreading from backyard growers. It has already been spotted to have spread in the San Gabriel Valley. So now, I'll just have to reconsider and order a grafted one from a certified nursery.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

It is illegal to share any citrus budwood, or move citrus inside the state of California in certain areas, or to ship citrus products that are not treated and inspected outside or into the state of California. The only safe and legal way to acquire budwood in the state of California, is to order clean budwood from the Citrus Clonal Protection Program (CCPP):


The CDFA and USDA take this very seriously. You can bet they monitor boards just like this, and are watching for illegal movement of citrus. We take our commercial citrus industry very seriously here in the state of California, it is responsible for billions annual revenue dollars as well as many tens of thousands of jobs.

And just to be clear soaht, HLB (Huonglong Bing or Citrus Greening) has NOT spread to the San Gabriel Valley. There was one isolated incidence on HLB found in a yard in Los Angeles county back in March of 2012. It was due to someone grafting illegally acquired pummelo budwood, and grafting it to a friend's tree:


To date, no further spread of HLB has occurred, nor has the CDFA found any additional HLB outbreaks. What we are seeing, however, is the slow spread of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ASD), which is the vector insect responsible for spreading HLB. Perhaps this is what your fellow Californian may have been hearing about. The ACP is making its slow march northward in California. Originally introduced into the state of California back in the 2008 from Mexico, due to illegally smuggled citrus and citrus relatives. Mexico has HLB reported, as does a small area of Texas, and of course most of us know about the devastating effects of HLB in the state of Florida. Here are some more links regarding the ACP and HLB:



Pummelos are pretty widely propagated in California. The most common one you'll, find, and one of the best cultivars is the Chandler pummelo. If you let us know where you are exactly, in the state, perhaps we can point you in the right direction. Not sure if you're close to Royal Oaks, California, but Monterey Bay Nursery, a wholesale nursery that will also sell directly to retail customers grows several varieties of pummelos. Luen, the owner, does a very nice job of propagated some more unusual varieties of citrus:


Also, if you contact the CRFG chapter in your area, I am sure one of the CRFG members can give you some great nursery suggestions for a pummelo:


Patty S.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

I didn't know it was illegal to share citrus bud wood. Thank you so much for informing me Patty. The fellow Californian that I mention was talking about the Asian Citrus Psyllid, I just forgot to mention it in the earlier post. I'm actually in Fresno(central Valley) I should have made that more clearer. I think for now I will just get a grafted tree from Fourwindsgrowers up north. I looked at the site you mention but it said only whole sale, so I will just go with FourwindsGrower for now.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

The CDFA has asked that any parts of a citrus tree - fruit, budwood, an entire tree, not be transported from one area of California to another, unless it has been treated and then inspected. In chatting with the folks at the UC Riverside Citrus Variety Collection, they have asked citrus enthusiasts to refrain from sharing budwood even between neighbors. The thing with HLB is you may not know your tree is infected for several years. But, in those years, your tree is infectious. So, sharing budwood can inadvertently spread the disease (as was the exact case with the neighbor who grafted some pummelo budwood that was gotten from China, to his neighbor's tree).

As I mentioned about Monterey Bay Nursery, they are a commercial grower, but will sell to folks at retail if you go there and buy your plants. They will not ship to a retail client, but you can go to their nursery and purchase a plant or tree as a retail client. I wasn't sure where you were located in California, so I thought I'd mention them in case your were within driving distance. But, Four Winds is an excellent choice, too. Great company and they have very nice trees. Clifton's is also a good California online source, but their trees are more expensive, as they're shipped potted in soil.

Patty S.

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