Clivia flowering

rosegrowernb(zone 4B)May 14, 2013

New to this forum >Have three clivias a mother and 2 babies I use regular peat perlite ,vermiculite soil. Is that OK?
Also is one required to use 20 20 20 water soluable fertilizer? My clivia sat dormant for a month with no watering the it tried to flower about a month ago and put out a flower stem that didnt come out of the leaves, it just wilted away any ideas? Does this plant like to be potbound my clivias large one is in a 8 inch pot.Thanks..

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Vermiculite tends to retain water. Soil, bark, perilite is what I use to make a fast draining mix. Did you give it a cold period to make sure the bloom elongated? That would be my best suggestion. And when you repot it will give you a chance to look at the roots. Hope that helps!!

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rosegrowernb(zone 4B)

A cold period, No I understood one just quit watering for a month, How cold and for how long??? Thanks for reply...Jack

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Standard advice is to give clivias 6-8 weeks of temperatures under 50F in the fall along with little or no water or food for about three months. They do not need to be in low light or pot bound to bloom. This assumes you have fertilized regularly for the other nine months of the year. Use a fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio and all minors. I have some variegated Chinese daruma clivias that bloom regularly without a temperature change or a dry period and some other clivias that clearly need both.

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