Do I understand Clivia blooms correctly ?

cocoabeachloraxMay 22, 2010

My dear old Dad sent me a white flower farms Clivia almost 8 years ago. It bloomed so beautifully for the first two years. He has several Clivia of his own up in NY that bloom and rebloom reliably. I took his advice (they don't need frequent watering and prefer to be slightly root bound) and so I've watered when the soil dried, left it in the original pot, and watched year after year as it has failed to bloom. I have given it some miracle grow or a similar plant food at least once every 6 months. So I finally gave in to the power of the google. It looks to me like since this is a house plant, and being in Central Florida our interior temperature never gets much below 68 degrees for but a few nights, that it is not getting the prolonged cold it would need to set blooms ? Do I understand that correctly ?

If that is correct, could I set it on the porch from say November through February and would that maybe help set some blooms ?

It's a gorgeous plant based on foliage alone so I'm a little hesitant to set it outside where the wee beasties might get at it (pests, snails, etc.).

Any education or advice is welcomed. Thank you.

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I don't think of them as house plants; mine grow directly in the ground outside. You probably get too much rain for that, but the porch idea sounds good, if that's a covered porch. It may also be getting too much light in the house.

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Thank you for the advice.

Do I understand the temperature stuff regarding blooms correctly ?

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Coco-mine bloom in summer on a northfacing deck, no direct sun. All winter they are in 65-80 F in my greenhouse-type room, bright winter sun. Miraclegro every month or so, same with Superthrive. For what it's worth; works for us.

Maybe clivia don't like air conditioning? We don't have that much around here (at least I don't).

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I'm not exactly an expert on getting clivia to bloom but I believe they would need a bit more fertilizer. I use Osmocote pellets in the spring which last for 9 months. After a summer outside with some protection from the hot burning sun which will bleach the leaves white in a short time I stop watering completely for 2 months. Indoors they don't need much light so outside they need shade for sure. This is a dry rest period. Resume watering and fertilizer again and you should get blooms. They also come with variegated striped leaves and in various colors beside deep orange there is a pale yellow, peach ect. Good Luck!

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Clivia have a mind of their own..

They can bloom watered regularly, fertilized, or not fertilized at all..They can bloom left outside or put inside in the dark,
Grown in a warm environment or left in the cold.
They do what they want no matter what you do..
Many bloom just being ignored..I have done it all and no matter what I do, they bloom every year for me every spring..


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One more thought..

I have some in very tight pots, root bound, and some in pots with lot's of room to grow, and both flower abundantly..:-)


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