Mystery of the non-blooming clivia in the cold climate

magala(8)May 10, 2009

I have a potted clivia miniata that's about six years old, purchased from a commerical nursery and grown by me in Seattle since then.

Once, it bloomed, just about five or six blossoms on one stem. Since then, it hasn't bloomed, but continues to sprout new plantlets every year. Right now it's one large parent and five plantlets in an 8" pot.

In the summer it gets about six hours of sun a day, and occasional watering. In the winter I put it in the basement (55 degrees or so) and don't water it.

The foliage is dense and dark green and glossy, and I pull off about two-four dying exterior leaves per year.

No flowers. What can I change?

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Well, I water mine 2X/week. They are in lots of light (greenhouse within the house), temp varies from high 60's to low 80's. In summer, I set them out, but in the shade as the leaves tend to burn in direct sunlight. Blooms at least once a year, sometimes twice. I treat them as normal houseplants. I hope this helps. I've got plenty of seed pods formed, if you would like to try some.

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I have a clivia that is at least 10+ years old. It has only bloomed once in all this time. I keep it in the house at all times and it is next to a window, but no direct sunlight ever. I have used Schultz plant food and still no blooms. This spring I repotted the clivia thinking maybe that is what it needed and still no blooms. New leaves, but no blooms.

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All 3 of mine are currently blooming again! I set them out on the deck in bright, not direct light. Temps have been ranging from the 40's at night to the high 70's by day. I'm still watering 2X a week. Miracle Gro 2X a month. I'm wondering. I do give my (all) plants SuperThrive once a month. Could that be it? Come to think of it, my night blooming cereus blooms every 2 months, and my orchids bloom quite often, too. Hmmm.

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