I have a leaf

HookedonClivias(4)May 27, 2011

I bought two seeds earlier this spring. White Lips and Poor Man's Peach. I seen a big, fat root coming from both and have been waiting for a leaf. Well, I got my reward today. My first seed has a beartiful leaf. Now, I can start waiting for my first flower. I'll see you in about five yearts. LOL

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nice picks! Just dont be like me and change your taste in colors a year down the line ;)

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I have decided to go with a wide range. I have seeds and seedlings from red to orange and peach to yellow. I even have some very pretty appleblossom seeds coming from you. I've hit them all. :>))

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Very Cool :)

Between myself and my father we like just about every color as well, its become somewhat of an issue since the keeper table is now keeper tables ;)

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