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idixierose(z8b Coastal SC)March 16, 2013

How should I prune HF Young and Pink Champagne?

I have two clematis, a HF Young and a Pink Champagne. According to Help Me Find, both are Type 2. However, the two vines appear to have different bloom habits.

Pink Champagne blooms on old wood. Flower buds began developing in February and the vines are in full bloom right now.

HF Young is developing green leaves at every node on the vines, but no flower buds.

I did not prune either clematis in the fall.

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Both are pruning type 2. Typically both would start blooming somewhere around May but I suspect your very mild coastal climate has encouraged an earlier flowering than what is normal for most of the rest of us :-) It may be that the siting of the vines is contributing to the different appearance now - is the Pink Champagne in a warmer microclimate/mor sheltered position than H.F. Young?

Both are repeat bloomers, indicating they bloom on both old wood (first bloom flush) and on new wood (later bloom flush). Typically, the recommendation is to prune lightly in late winter, removing maybe 12-18" of growth and generally tidying up the vine and then prune again lightly after the first blooming. Rebloom should occur later in the summer. It will not hurt to prune both of the vines harder if you wish.....all that does is delay the initial bloom flush.

Finally, are you absolutely certain about the identification of Pink Champage? Can you post photos? It is possible that this is a different clematis altogether, most likely a type 1, which would account for its very early bloom season.

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idixierose(z8b Coastal SC)

My two clematis are planted in large pots at the base of an arch. The conditions and sun are about the same for the 2 pots. The HF is one year older than the Pink Champagne.

I'm not sure how to post a photo, however my pink champagne blooms look just like the photos.

I have lots of other Type 2s, but haven't seen any of them put on blooms before new spring growth.

Any, it's always interesting, these clemmies.

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