Clivias didn't bloom this year...?

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)May 5, 2012

I have about 15 blooming size clivias, and only one bloomed this Spring. They got the exact same environment and treatment as in the previous 25 years, and all else appears normal.

Does anyone have an idea of what went wrong? Did anyone have a similar experience?



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You had an unusually warm winter this year, no ? Perhaps that was the issue.

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

I should add in that my apartment is best described as 'freaking freezing' in the winter. I have lost some less-robust houseplants as a result, so temperature is most likely not the cause. Maybe it's too low? I keep some plants on a heat mat, but the north-facing room where my clivias spend the winter is in the low 50's, the temp OUTDOORS is!

--Rr (aka 'the penguin')

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Did you fertilize them regularly last year? How long has it been since they were repotted? If all other conditions are the same as when they did bloom in the past, then I would look to the potting mix being depleted.

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rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)

That's a good idea--I'll go from that angle and see what happens.



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I'm in NW Florida and my Clivias are planted in the ground - mine didn't bloom, either. All the in-ground Amaryllis bloomed great, but the Clivia DID NOT.

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