Triangle John - Your Capers Caper

aezarien(7b)May 27, 2010

I saw in another thread where you had started some caper seeds (back in 2005). I am interested in how that turned out for you.

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No capers for me! I don't remember if those seeds ever sprouted. I know that to get them to germinate you had to jump through all sorts of hoops and I normally do all that is needed just to see if it will work... but I have no capers today. I do remember that while I was looking up all the caper seed sowing details I found a few online nurseries that sold the plants. So if you want capers, they are available, but I haven't seen anyone locally selling them.

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I was reading that they needed very specific conditions to do well. I love them on my food though so I may just have to make a go of it, even if I have to buy a plant. I have heard nasturtium buds/seeds tasted similar so I am definitely going to try that as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

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