Germinating time

birdsnbloomsMay 20, 2007

How long should seeds take to germinate?

I placed 2 seeds in water for 24 hours..then sowed in well-draining soil..pots are in indirect sun under lights as well. Got plastic sitting atop pots for humidity..Thanks, Toni

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dries(South Africa)

Within 1-2 weeks. You are aware that seeds should not be totally covered by the potting medium? Seeds should only be pushed in half way.

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Dries, no wasn't aware seed should stick half way out of it too late to lift it?
In 82, I started seed from a Clivia, didn't know what the heck I was doing, used heavy soil, only artifial light, and to this day have a beautiful Clivia from those seeds..
So, what do u think I should do? Thanks, Toni

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dries(South Africa)

You can lift them and replant. They are hardy.
Follow the link below for a good photo of germinating seeds.

Here is a link that might be useful: Germinated seed

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Thanks Dries..I have to register to read how first post was done..I'll get to it to the doc.
Thanks very much..Toni

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I didn't know what I was doing with the first clivia seeds I planted and had them a few inches below the soil. They did eventually sprout but it took several months. The next time the seeds were just pushed into the soil and they germinated within a couple weeks.

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